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Your an idiot


It is from the family Trojan: It is the successor of Joke: However, this malware will not delete files or anything of that sort, but it acts like a fork bomb. Today, the fork bomb payload does not reach out in the wild like it did in the past due to the code to spam the screen the JavaScript being removed from youareanidiot. It works via clickbait, since the user would get interested in clicking the link due reverse psychology [1] The title calling the internet user "an idiot". The screen also flashes black and white while the font color alternates from Your an idiot and black, causing some users to gain seizures.

Editorial Reviews. Review. “Entertaining offers...

A choir song that sings " You are an idiot! The flash video was originally found in youdontknowwhoiam. The video was then moved to YouAreAnIdiot. You Are An Idiot was the original version of the virus. If someone went to YouAreAnIdiot. If the user managed to close one, it would spawn 6 more windows of "You Are Your an idiot Idiot".

They could turn it off by restarting their computer or killing the browser task with task manager. The original name of this Trojan is named Trojan. Offiz according to the program, Kaspersky. Today, the website just plays the video and does not open up any other windows anymore.

However, the site was revived in two different web addresses with the code slightly modified. Older versions can also be found on the WayBack Machine. This threat was created by ComputerVirusWatch in The goal of the threat is to demonstrate how Your an idiot original You Are An Idiot threat exploits vulnerabilities.

YOU'RE an idiot, please fix...

This threat's code was removed from the website on the same year, but was later recreated and modified in two different websites and is now cross-platform. In Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers without the popup blocker, when the website is visited, the malware shows a big window that flies over the user's screen, singing that the user is an idiot to pay attention.

When the window is closed, it opens 6 more windows to spam the user's computer, Your an idiot they open the same page, sing the same song and fly over the screen.

Hey, give a +1!: D.

Usually this can break out into a big pile of error messages. If the user's version of Internet Explorer is lower than 6. The threat will not work on newer versions, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, or other desktop browsers unless its popup blocker is completely disabled, excluding IE versions newer than 6.

Sign In Don't have an account? To prevent vandalism and false information, the page has been protected Your an idiot both unregistered and new users. You should only edit if there is outdated information, missing information, or if it really needs to be changed. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved from " http: The Internet has no place for your grandmother's commonsense communication aphorisms. That old standby “If you can't say something nice. This is the original and the best flash video on the 'net.

Once found on www., now found where it belongs, right here on. You Are An Idiot is a trojan website on Microsoft Windows.

It is from the family Trojan:JS/NoBrain. It is Your an idiot successor of Joke:WinIdiot. However, this malware .

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