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Delete my profile on match com


The online dating world is huge and growing steadily. If computers can keep track of our friendships and help us spend our money, goes the thinking, then surely they should be involved in our love lives as well!

Finding love is an expensive business! If you sign up for one of the discounted subscriptions, Match. They do tell you this but it is buried in the small print that nobody reads. So if you want to try it for a month or three, you pay your money and enjoy your time there.

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This is a sharp business practice at best, a scam at worst. You can cancel your membership from the Match. You should also receive a confirmation email. You will still have access to the site until your subscription period is over.

Then you will have to subscribe again if you want to go back to having access. You can contact Match. Call them at or write to them at Match. BoxDallas, Texas However, there is a way to delete your profile. The process is quite simple once you have told Match.

If you want to take a break from Match. You will need to cancel billing first and then you can suspend your account. Then your profile should be paused while you explore or relax away Delete my profile on match com online dating, ready to be picked up when you need it.

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It is a cynical move to keep account suspension and deletion separate from one another. I mean, who has money like that to waste on a website? It is what it is, though, so if you want to take a break from Match. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete your profile using a computerphone, or tablet. Open your iPhone or iPad's Settings. You'll usually find it on. Make sure when you sign up for your account to set reminders in your phone to deactivate before your subscription ends because Match auto-renews your subscription.

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Last I heard, they How do I delete or deactivate my profile?. This is great news and we're happy to help you delete your account. You can do this without a phone call as long as you know the username and password for.

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