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DC How much wear and tear does anal sex cause to the rectum? Are there long-term hazards other than the chance of infection from poor hygiene? And not a moment too soon! And since all of us have assholes and each one comes equipped with a load of pleasure-giving nerve endings, people of both genders and all sexual persuasions are discovering the joys of anal play. Be it a finger, a dildo, pegging, Lady fucked in butt butt plug or a good old-fashioned dick-in-the-ass fucking; ass play all the rage.

A slightly small percent of straight folks are now experimenting with butt play.

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Commercially produced porn, particularly of the straight variety, is now brimming over with back door action. Curiously enough, only a few years ago, this was a Lady fucked in butt rare fetish.

Funny how things like Lady fucked in butt change so quickly. But be aware that different sexually charged orifices — asshole, mouth, cunt — have different tolerance levels for what they can endure. The first thing to say about anal sex, particularly casual butt-fucking, is always use a condom and use lots of water-based lubricant. Your ass is a very receptive place, but the tissues therein are also pretty delicate. When massaged by a finger, dildo or a cock it is the source of incredible sensations.

Some women say they get the best g-spot stimulation through anal play. So always trim your fingernails before playing with yourself or others. Never put anything up your ass that could slip in and get caught behind your anal sphincter. Your toys should be long enough, have a flared end, or a handle that you can keep hold of. Of course, never insert anything in your bum that could break. I always recommend that the novice ass fucker start his or her ass exploration with a finger or two.

This cuts down on the expense of buying toys, at least until you discover if you like this kind of play or not. If was the year of eating asswill be the year of pegging. But despite its recent surge in pop culture, in part thanks to shows like Broad City and movies like Deadpool, the act still Lady fucked in butt largely taboo. A magic pleasure button, if you will. Aside from the intense physical pleasure, one of the best aspects of pegging in a cis, hetero relationship is that it inverts the traditional framework of gender and sexual roles.

According to a study published in the journal Sex Roles, clinging to traditional gender roles could make us feel less comfortable between the sheets, and research by sexuality educator Dr.

Charlie Glickman also shows that straight men who had tried pegging were more in tune with what their female partner needed from them during penetration.

So pegging could not only give men a more intense orgasm, but it could possibly teach them a thing or two on how to pleasure women; basically, a win win. When you think about it, Lady fucked in butt is still standard heterosexual PIV sex because the bottom line pun intended is putting something inside a hole.

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It simply works the other way around. Indulging in something that is taboo helps chip away the stigma, which helps people get over their insecurities about what turns them on.

Talking about all kinds of sex, urges and curiosities is the first step towards a fulfilling sex life, and no one should feel ashamed to discuss their sexual preferences. And because sex should always be a judgement free zone, here, seven straight men share their experience with pegging anonymously, because society is still a little prudish.

To quote Ilana from Broad City: However, as my relationships started to become more stable, I found that pegging added an extra dimension to my sex life. I was also very curious about prostate stimulation that is mentioned constantly in many sex articles, so this Lady fucked in butt something I wanted to try.

I suffer from erectile dysfunction so the allure of pegging was that it took the focus off the penis. The prostate is basically the male g-spot so it means men who struggle with staying hard can reach orgasm without any penis stimulation at all. Once I realised how good it felt to have your anus stimulated through rimjobs, it kind of snowballed. My girlfriend "Lady fucked in butt" I both started using butt plugs on each other, then we tried vibrators, then dildos.

If your gal is willing to try I recommend going for it, easy as that. Valparaiso, Florida My boyfriend and I have been together for a little over a year we have always had frontal sex and last night we had anal sex does this mean there is a change in his feelings in our relationship or just to try something different? However, the only way to be absolutely sure is ask him outright. Did it come Lady fucked in butt a surprise?

Is it safe to assume you were the bottom during this little adventure? Was this a new experience for you? Did you enjoy it? Gosh, seems to me you have lots to talk about with the BF, right? Surely you have some input to share with him…then hopefully me too. In fact, in my private practice I often see straight men who are curious about ass play…their ass. One of the suggestions I often make to my butt-curious male clients is that they initiate anal sex with their female partners…the chick as the bottom.

Then if that goes well, they could suggest that their partner pleasure their bum in just the same way. Our butts serve a number of purposes, from sitting, standing, and walking to pooping and farting. The rectum and the anus contain a great deal of nerve endings, including ones that generate a pleasurable feeling when stimulated — think about that sensation of feeling full you get when you need to poop, and how good it feels when you take a big dump — making it part Lady fucked in butt an erogenous zone an area on the body it feels Lady fucked in butt to touch and stimulate.

Many people — those assigned male at birth, typically — also have a prostate gland, which is responsible for producing the white, milky fluid that we associate with semen and which serves as a suspension and protective fluid for sperm.

In other words, it helps get sperm out of the body from the testicles and, in procreative sex, into the uterus and fallopian tubes to fertilize an egg. The prostate is located approximately between the rectum and the bladder, and it can feel quite pleasurable when stimulated by a finger, sex toy, Lady fucked in butt, or anything else inserted into the rectum. All of that is great! It takes all types of people to make butt-play and butt-sex fun.

Rimming or tossing salad means licking, sucking, and lightly biting the asshole and the area around it. I was around 12 or 13 when I discovered the joy of sticking things up my rear end.

I used to keep a stash of Hustler magazines hidden under the Lady fucked in butt towels in the bathroom for jerking off every chance I got. Hustler was the only one I had access to that had pictures of hard cocks in it! In that same cabinet under the sink, there was always a jar of Vaseline and a toilet plunger. During one of my multiple-times-a-day jack-off sessions, I decided to rub some Vaseline on the handle of the plunger and stick it up my ass.

Just as with most sexual things, there is a great deal of stigma, shame, and guilt about engaging in ass play, mostly around being worried that people will think you are gay — who cares?! We will tackle that thoroughly in a future column, but if you want to experiment, here are a few simple pointers: Wash your ass, thoroughly, with soap and water.

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Use a lot of lube — the more, the better. Go to a sex-toy store and ask. The staff will be delighted to help out a newbie! Maybe try being a top. Lady fucked in butt then, go play with yourself, or help out a friend.

The book is amazing not just for its straight-up factual information on practically any aspect of sex you can think of, but also for its easy, nonjudgmental, at-times humorous tone. Here, Joannides talks us through the realities of making anal both as safe and as pleasurable as possible. This seemed shocking at the time.

Everything was on videotape, from porn to Disney movies to highlights from the Olympics.

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Video rental stores were everywhere. Since porn became as easy to access as YouTube, porn producers have had to fight for clicks, and so Lady fucked in butt has become more extreme. Does the popularity of anal in porn reflect reality in both homosexual and heterosexual couples? There are some couples who enjoy anal sex a lot, maybe 10 percent to 15 percent of all straight couples. But if you ask them how Lady fucked in butt they have anal vs.

How should we modify the anal sex we see modeled in porn to best suit an in-real-life couple? The way the rectum curves shortly after the opening tells us we need to make a lot of adjustments for anal to feel good. So one of the first things a woman or man needs to do if they want to be on the receiving end of anal sex is to teach their sphincter muscles to relax enough that a penis can get past their gates.

This takes a lot of practice.

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Also, unlike the vagina, the anus provides no lubrication. They show none of this in porn. Nor do they show communication, feedback, or trust. So your partner needs to be wearing a condom and using lots of lube, unless both of you are true-blue monogamous, with no sexual diseases. Any sexually transmitted infection can be transmitted and received in the anus. Because of the amount of trauma the anus and rectum receive during anal intercourse, the likelihood of getting a sexually transmitted infection is higher than with vaginal Lady fucked in butt. Unprotected anal sex, regardless of whether it is practiced by straight "Lady fucked in butt" gay couples, is considered the riskiest activity for sexually transmitted diseases because of the physical design of the anus: It is narrow, it does not self-lubricate, and the skin is more fragile and likely to tear, allowing STDs such as HIV and hepatitis easy passage into the bloodstream.

Are those risks all mitigated by the use of condoms and lube, or are there still issues, even beyond that?

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As for using the female condom for anal sex—studies report more slippage and more pain than with regular condoms. Do not use numbing lube, and do not have anal sex while drunk or stoned. If there is pain, perhaps try replacing a penis with a well lubed and gloved finger. The glove will help your finger glide more easily, and might be more pleasurable for the person on the receiving end.

Also, this allows a woman to "Lady fucked in butt" anal play on a male partner. The first thing to say about anal sex, particularly casual butt-fucking, is always use a Even though women don't have a prostate, anal stimulation can be just as. Beautiful maid Vanessa Decker catches the attention of employer in her outfit; Aged lady Lavender unveiling large boobs before getting fucked and jizzed on. Year-Old Slut Lady fucked in butt fucked in the Ass for the first time.

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