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Curahealth okc


Ask a question Curahealth okc working or interviewing at Curahealth. Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Curahealth Employee Reviews Review this company. Showing all 24 reviews. A company with no direction. I worked at the facility as Curahealth okc was bought by Curahealth from Kindred.

The new CEO came in talking about how the company would be more nimble but we would have to make sacrifices. They had no planning for what it takes to run a modern hospital. No electronic medical records, no inventory managing software, no contracts database, etc. They cut staff they felt was ancillary and offered pay that was lower than previously. Two months after the new management Curahealth okc over I left.

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Curahealth Oklahoma City South Hospital...

Curahealth okc Place to work. I was blessed to work with such great Curahealth okc They are and always will be my second family. We are a team of great nurses doctors Curahealth okc nurse asst. I would send my loved ones there for medical care. Does not care about their patients. Severely understaffed and dangerous. When they were Kindred it was a nice place to work. They were bought out and severely decreased their staffing. It made it dangerous.

I pretty much know they will fail because patient safety is not their primary concern. Horrible staffing ratios, no supplies ran out of alcohol pads, linen, and other supplies constantly. Management awful just scrap by with less than bare minimum. Curahealth corporate always cutting back staff is at bare minimum already and yet they still cut staff, most of the time not safe to run a code and you can tell staff just hates it.

The place is always dirty. All lpns too they are great but not even any rns will work here. They should be shut down for how awful they are run. I decline to type a review. I gave this company 3 stars. I feel that rating this company with three stars is a sufficient review. Three stars is a decent review.

The company Curahealth okc downside everything. The hardest part of the job is keep hours to work. The "Curahealth okc" enjoyable part of the job is work with the staff and doctors.

Work with the doctor office staff.

Why choose us: Curahealth Oklahoma...

Our Ceo with his team, in my opinion, has kept facility from failing. He personally is involved in any safety issues that arise.

Other area Curahealth Hospitals have closed fairly recently. I believe with his tough decisions and proactive approaches for our hospital that we have remained prosperous. With all the challenges of healthcare across the nation i feel this approach is effective and necessary. I went to this facility as agency staff and having worked some very difficult places through agency i am prepared for most anything. This was "Curahealth okc" to the point of being dangerous on the last day i was there relief did not come in because they were on vacation.

I would not go here unless you are close to food stamps and even then I would start the food stamp application. Gotta be a team player and able to quickly Curahealth okc workflow. My heading says it all. Must be a strong indivduallywilling to leran and adjust administration, patient and physician needs on the Curahealth okc I wouldn't recommend working there. What have I gotten myself into. This place has unlicensed staff doing certain things like scheduling.

Some of the staff are very unprofessional, not helpful to one another, very territorial, can be unwelcoming and hateful to "Curahealth okc" other. There seems to be an. Some folks who have other job duties appears to be lazy, and are somewhat do what they want, when they Curahealth okc just because Curahealth okc who they know or is connected to The facility is Curahealth okc cost efficient.

They lose out on a lot of money by doing things on a daily basis versus a weekly basis. Worst company I've ever worked for. A complete narscisist that tears everyone down instead of building them up.

He walks around pointing out everyone's faults but never lifts a finger to help. Not enough supplies or staff to care for patients. Now everyone has left or has been laid off. The reputation is so bad they can't even get hospitals to send them patients. There is no education and they just dump more responsibilities on the people the stay on after others leave.

You would be crazy to work for this company. Miss my job the census got low thats why im not there. There is not enough patients in the establishment. Maybe if they had enough patients it would hv been better. New company, stripped it to bare bones. Not even enough staff to efficiently run codes. Most staff are agency not core. Staffing ratios have profit in mind not patients needs or best interests. It's dangerous and unsafe for patients and staff. Little to no communication or education and "Curahealth okc" aren't trustworthy.

It is a brand new startup company which started in October They didn't care Curahealth okc their patients. No communication with the corporate Curahealth okc. They bought the company and stripped it down i.

Why choose us: Curahealth Oklahoma...

Lousy benefits and pay. Curahealth okc would not listen to you and your suggestions. People left like crazy. The only good thing was some of the people I worked with. Not a Place to Work for Advancement.

This company does not care for it's employees or patients. Does not staff for quality patient care. Places patients and staff at risk due to lack of adequate staffing. Does Curahealth okc put policies in place prior to start up and little to no education of staff. Company no longer in business.


Company no longer in business so there's nothing I can post here. The group I worked with was fun. Curahealth okc was a start-up business, so we were trying to bring a product to market. Not a positive work environment. Not a company Curahealth okc I see myself growing in. The work environment is very negative with a major lack of support. The hardest part of the job is the constant battle to try and get Curahealth okc fixed correctly.

Has so much potential. Typically patients are at the facility from weeks to months, so you do form a close bond to patients. There is exposure to learn telemetry, and you see an eccletic amount of diagnoses within the patient population. Cons are understaffing when census goes up or getting cancelled every couple of weeks due to low census.

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Diagnostic Imaging Center. MultiPlan. Curahealth Oklahoma City South is Out-of- network. Curahealth Hospital Oklahoma City in Oklahoma City, Okla. is an acute long-term care hospital facility. Phone, Suggest a phone number · Address. N Robinson; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Curahealth Hospital Okc North, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 3 likes.

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