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Plant Sex Stories


It all started one late afternoon in the spring as Mike was coming back from one of his classes. He Plant Sex Stories his key in the door in order to open it when he heard and felt his next door neighbour Bruce behind the door Plant Sex Stories his own apartment.

Mike was pretty sure Bruce was gay, the way he looked at him and all the dumb excuses he always used to get to talk to him. At first Mike was midly bothered by the unwanted Plant Sex Stories but when it became more clear that Bruce Plant Sex Stories gay Mike decided to put the guy in his place and told him how much he hated fags and what he would do to Plant Sex Stories of them should he come one across.

After that, Bruce stopped bothering him, although he could always feel him staring at him in the distance. Despite of his homophobia, Mike was quite a handsome man, 6 feet tall, dark hair, broad shoulders and a perfectly triangular back from all the training with the swimming team.

On the other hand Bruce had a more intellectual look. Thin complexion, blue eyes, blond hair and he was about 5 feet Bruce was fed up of all the bullies and gay-bashers. It was time to put a stop to that and botany was the way. Bruce knew that unlike him, Mike was always short of money and was always doing odd jobs just to get by so in order to put his plan in practice he decided to offer Mike a job. A job he would not refuse. So he waited by the door until Mike made it back from class. As soon as he saw him by the door to his apartment, Bruce watched Mike for a a little while trying to gather the courage to go and talk to him.

Mike repeated in his mind: And with that Bruce returned to his apartment to finish setting up all the spy cams and recording equipment.

An Archive of Our Own,...

From there Bruce would be able to enjoy what was coming. With a Plant Sex Stories of disgust, he moved to the living room where the plants where. On one side of the room there were 3 plants, two of them look like normal plants but the one in the middle drew his attention.

From his computer he could see now Mike taking his cock out and starting to jerk off slowly, moving his right hand up and down while eyeing the Plant Sex Stories as if gathering the courage to do something with it. The feeling was unbelievable, Mike had tried many pussies before but the feeling of his cock going in and out of this plant was better than any real pussy he had ever tried and a few seconds into the fucking and he found himself already on the verge of an orgasm.

The liquid that tasted like honey, was highly addictive, with time the plant would change shape and look like a fully erect cock and at that point there will only be one way to extract the liquid. Bruce smiled at the thought. It took Mike a few minutes to clean up everything and get rid of all proof of what had just happened there, when he finished he walked to the door, turned back and had another quick glance just to make sure everything was as he found it and with that he left the apartment Plant Sex Stories went for his daily run.

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It "Plant Sex Stories" the pussy plant juice that made him so horny he reasoned. There is no freaking way he was getting hard on those disgusting images popping into his head. He remembered getting hard almost immediately after trying the pussy plant juice. It had to be the plant that was making him so horny.

He remembered the taste and the immediate rush he felt when he tried it. After a couple of hours in bed trying to calm his cock down he realised the only way he was going to achieve that was by having a quick wank He wanted to try the pussy juice again. It tasted so good and "Plant Sex Stories" rush and sexual power that came with it was indescribable. After some internal struggle he decided to check it out, in case there was something wrong with the plant.

The Plant Sex Stories view in front of him brought his cock back to life, Bruce unzipped his trousers and started to move his hand up an down while enjoying the view of the hunky stud fucking his plant on his computer monitor. He was jerking off frantically until he saw Mike coming again inside the plant, that was all Bruce needed to tip him over the edge and with the view of Plant Sex Stories coming, his cock exploded with a big orgasm. Bruce congratulated himself, all his hard work with plants during the past years was worth it even if it was just for the two jerk off sessions he got out of it so far.

He smiled to himself mischiviously knowing that the best was still to come. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the. No, he must be joking no plant ever fed on sexual activity. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

1 day ago In short, Plant Table Sex is the story of the often-bizarre sex lives of plants told through the tales of five food crops: Tomato (for which Plant Sex Stories.

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