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How to get a guy attracted to you


Well, let us tell you about more than those three things that guys find themselves inexplicably drawn to although, full disclosure: For example, did you know that guys are actually really attracted to your ability to communicate? Well, according to Psychology Today, the opposite is How to get a guy attracted to you for men!

For them, they perceive women with higher voices to be younger, more feminine, and even thinner! To put it bluntly, a husky-voiced woman may not be considered attractive sight unseen, but once that voice is attached to an attractive woman, that deep-throated rumble becomes super sexy! So even though you may not like how you sound on recordings, just know that a lot of guys are into it!

Flipping your hair, playing with a few strands, winding it around your fingers, or tying it up in a messy bun: That means his caveman senses go How to get a guy attracted to you when he sees you toss your silky tresses over your shoulder! Little gestures that show your affection or interest rank big with him, especially because society is usually putting the onus on him to pull out all the stops in the romance department.

Helping others, taking care of things, etc. Even a nervous smile in high-pressure scenarios can reel a guy in, because that sort of smile displays a vulnerability that men find very appealing. In order to really crank up the level of attractiveness for this asset, studies have also shown that guys are more interested in a healthy set of white teeth.

Probably as a symbol of good health and good hygiene, a set of pearly whites looks like a woman takes care of herself and refuses to indulge in less savoury habits, like smoking. Finally, your Harry Potter obsession pays off! Stop pretending to eat like a bird to appear delicate and feminine, because first, guys can see right through it, and second, they like it when you eat! Having an appetite is an incredibly sexy, sensual thing in a woman, partly because "How to get a guy attracted to you" stands in stark contrast to the amount of ladies who are constantly watching, discussing, and agonizing over their weight.

Seeing a girl indulge in food — whether it be a plate of hot wings or a drippy ice cream cone that lets him pay more attention to your lips and tongue — is hot, hot, hot. Finding the humour in something and letting out a big laugh is adorable, according to guys.

Girly giggles or charming guffaws — both signify happiness and lightheartedness, and that positivity is undeniably attractive. When a woman laughs, she appears more cheerful, open, and secure in herself to throw back her head and enjoy life. Plus, laughter is good for you! It released a whole bunch of healthy hormones, so in addition to making your abs and face hurt, it can also help to boost your immune system! So let loose with the laughter, ladies, and a guy will definitely find you more appealing than if you kept those giggles in.

Simply put, men love curves of all types, as long as the woman rocking them is healthy! Getting in touch with your adventurous side appeals to him because it means that not every day with you will be the same as the one before, and variety is the spice of life! Men are attracted to a woman who is willing to go after what she wants, especially when it means stepping outside your comfort zone. Calling all smart girls! Turns out, all those outdated magazine articles you read that told you to play dumb to attract a man were hella wrong!

Guys are into women who can be their intellectual equal — and even superior, because it shows that you have more going on in your head than simply thinking about him. Showing off your intellect is attractive to guys because, no matter what movies and TV shows says, they know that a woman with a brain will keep him interested longer than a woman with a body. The only time a guy might not be as into an intelligent woman is when he is intellectually inferior, and easily intimated by accomplished women.

But for love to blossom...

One of the things guys are attracted to the most in a woman is without a doubt her confidence. For both men and women, we prize a sense of humour as among the top qualities we look for when first meeting someone, and as something we desire in a long-term partner. Laughter lasts a while, and to have a connection through humour is a powerful thing that should not be underestimated.

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Getting goofy makes him perceive you as more youthful as well which — you guessed it — lights up that baby-making part of his biology. Unique lists featuring pop culture, entertainment and crazy facts. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. A fresh take on sports: The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures.

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Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. It's true: you can attract a man to you using your body language. Attracting a It's not because we are dogs or bad guys.

Beyond our I know plenty of men that have fallen for me because of my wit, charm, and intelligence. How to attract a man that you like and how to attract men in general is such a big topic that Have you ever seen or heard of a situation where a woman who isn't particularly more: The Real Reasons Guys Disappear After How to get a guy attracted to you Great First Date.

But for love to blossom in the first place, you need to build the sexual attraction before you make him fall in love with you. It's the safest way to make sure the guy .